Certification of pellets
and fuel briquettes
CERTIFICATION (from lat. Sertifico - certify) 1) objective and independent confirmation of compliance of product or service characteristics with the requirements; 2) the procedure for obtaining a certificate.

Pellets / Briquettes - we carry out laboratory studies of quality indicators, we determine: calorific value, ash content, density, humidity, abrasion, chemical content, according to domestic and European methods.

For the tests you need to send us an e-mail: ukrenergosert@ukr.net copies of the following documents:

A completed APPLICATION, VAT certificate or registration certificate for non-VAT payers.

In response, we will send an invoice for payment of tests.

The price of the test pellets or briquette - 2990 UAH (excluding VAT).

According to the test results, a certificate is issued in the Ukrainian language.

At the request of the customer, certificates are issued in other languages, the cost of each additional translation of the certificate is 200.00 UAH (VAT excluded).

In this application, you must specify the correct spelling, the name of your organization and its address in the desired foreign language.

Download application - pellets

Samples in the amount of 3 kg, tightly and hermetically packaged in the package, as well as the original application! (attach to samples), send to:

Kiev, Novaya post office number 3021, 3069 if the post offices do not work then send to the New Post office number 178 the recipient: UCMSE UkrEnergoSert.

Payment at the expense of the sender.

After sending, notify the invoice number to the email address ukrenergosert@ukr.net or SMS to mobile phone number 050 3510028

IMPORTANT: when sending, indicate the recipient is UCMSE "UkrEnergoSert", t.: 050 3510028.

Correct fulfillment of the terms of sending will help us to get your shipment faster, process it and send the results to the address specified in the application.

Laboratory testing of samples is carried out only after receipt of payment. If within the 21st calendar day after receipt of the samples payment is not received, the samples are disposed of.

Please note that the protocol information will be received from 17.00 to 18.00.

You are kindly requested to indicate the recipient address in full. City name or company name. Address carefully with all the data. In case of errors or insufficient information, sending documents may be delayed.

If, after receiving the document in electronic form, the address of the recipient is not specified, we will have to send it to the legal address of the customer next month.

We kindly request after sending samples to the New Mail to send the declaration number. If there is no declaration with the sample, problems may arise at New Mail. Pay attention to this.

Acts of work performed are issued after the formation of the 6th day of the next month. Please call us on this matter.

All documents are acts, etc. send to the address Kiev Bozhenko 83 No. 378 recipient UKRENERGOSERT.

We work on weekdays from 09:00 to 18:00.
Fill out an application and we will contact you shortly