Energy audit
Energy Audit - This is a comprehensive survey of the enterprise for the energy efficiency of its work.

Thermal imaging inspection of the entire building will allow identifying the places of heat leakage and emergency dangerous sections of communications, which will save money on heating, as well as prevent possible accidents.

Inspection of the 0.4 kVat grid

- verification of induction and electronic electricity meters at the installation site;

- to analyze network harmonics, check energy quality indicators (according to EN 50160);

- to measure the values of the following network parameters:

• current

• voltage (phase and linear),

• active, reactive and full power,

• power factor cos φ

• frequency,

• vector diagram

(we can also show the load of each phase);

- for accumulation of profiles of selected moment values, the results of meter tests and network quality indicators, as well as "photos" of moment values are saved and can be given to the customer in paper or electronic form.

The shot results can be displayed both in text and in graphic (graphics, histograms) format.

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